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Tours of Santa Barbara
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The most memorable tour in Santa Barbara you'll ever have​

Wine Tours and more 

 We are the first and only Tour Company to be

 exclusively offering  day long tours entirely devoted to Santa Barbara . Featuring  Wine tours of the beautiful,  Santa Ynez Valley  with over 53 Wineries and tours of

beautiful Santa Barbara .. 

      About The  Owner 

          The owner, a post surfer himself has lived along the coast of  California most  of his life while first living  in, Venice then Santa Monica where he moved to for a couple of years after High School . At twenty years of age he moved to, Isla Vista, a college community in, Goleta the first town North of, Santa Barbara and has spent most all of his life in Santa Barbara County .  

         After dropping out of college he began working in the travel industry starting with driving a Taxi then himself owning two Santa Barbara Taxi Companies, Brisa Marina Taxi and Hoaloha Taxi . After three years of driving to most every place imaginable within the City and County along came, Uber which wiped out his business . Afterwards he began acting  and was on the cast in three movies, ten television shows, music videos and commercials which he played a Detective, Brain Surgeon,  Carpenter, a lumber Jack and in other roles he became nearly unrecognizable . 

         During a bad auto accident while driving in, Los Angeles he became determined he would never drive back to L.A. so he started  back up again in, Santa Barbara driving  for a transportation Company with an emphasis on Wine Tours . Later he opened up his own Wine and  City Tour Company  doing Wine and Exclusive Tours of, Santa Barbara, a Town and County he loves and knows so well .

Santa Barbara

      Santa Barbara is best known for its broad, sandy beaches, Wine tasting, Spanish architecture, celebrities, restaurants, and so many places to see and visit  . So whether you're looking to see miles of vineyards, catch the perfect wave or that breathtaking sunset, there's plenty of other sights to enjoy here including seeing the near countless attractions for which Santa Barbara has become known for . Often branded as the American Riviera, it's  home to award winning Wineries.  unique landscapes with a great climate for living, visiting, playing, and working. The County is well known for its strong sense of community, prime agricultural land and attractive cultural and tourism opportunities. 

     Sherman Stow planted 600 acres of lemon tress on his ranch in the Goleta Valley in the 1890'S .  Stow, generously shared seedlings with owners of neighboring ranches and soon colorful green lemon orchards  with bright yellow fruit were decorated in from the coast and although the lemon orchards have diminished due to increasing demands for housing  an estimated  18,000 lemon  trees still remain . Today  in a house he built in 1872 and lived  in is located next to, Lake Los Carneros  . A lemon  festival dedicated solely to lemons is held in, Goleta on September 24 and 25th and nearby, Carpinteria with miles of advocado groves hosts an avocado  festival on October first of each year.  


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Tours of Santa Barbara

Tours of Santa Barbara

 Santa Barbara  is unique in that there is  such a divers​e range of styles, award winning Wineries, architecture, plants, people, weather , attractions and 

 experiences all in one   region. The  options are almost endless . Both novices and aficionados will experience the

  hospitality for which Santa   Barbara has been known for . Take one of  our tours then simply meander, experience, explore, enjoy and relax  .

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